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Our focus is to provide fun, appropriate and safe classes for newcomers to experienced Yogis in a compassionate,

non-judgmental environment. All classes are for ALL levels. This means everyone is welcome - our experienced instructors teach to who arrives. Come enjoy the different teaching styles and find a class that fits your body, mind, and spirit. Each instructor brings their own unique style to the variety of class styles we offer.


Come Play and strengthen your Mind, Body & Spirit with Us! Check out our Workshop Schedule for Special Events.


Yoga Foundations
Explore and increase your strength, mobility, balance and breath in this mindful approach that breaks down poses and focuses on awareness and intelligent alignment linked with your breath. This class has an emphasis on understanding your anatomical alignment to allow your breath to expand your practice. It is both challenging and supports students of all ages and experience.  It is guided with the intention to help each student move with confidence, while deepening the knowledge of your inner landscape. Props are encouraged, and may choices are given so you can meet yourself with awareness to renew your being.

Gentle Yoga 

A calming class focusing on breath work, gentle movements both flowing and passive along with supported poses. This is a perfect beginning yoga class that is also appropriate for those whose bodies are asking for a softer, gentler approach to yoga or those working with limited mobility.

Soulful Flow

Soulful Flow classes are infused with music and designed to leave you feeling open, revitalized and filled with peace - returning you to your natural rhythm. Poses are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses done mindfully to spend some quality time in the pose ensuring alignment and movement with breath. We let our movement be soulful and connected to our breath; we let the poses serve as an expression of union between our body, mind and spirit.  Soulful Flow allows for a steadiness that provides space to reflect and to listen within while moving.

Strength 4 Life

Gain strength, mobility and balance in this intelligent strength training class using your own body weight, dumbbells, sandbells and the Free Motion Tower. Proper spinal and joint alignment, muscle activation, breathing and concentration will keep your body safe and allow for greater mobility and strength. Natural movements like lunging, crawling, rolling and getting up and down off the floor are also part of our fun - remember when you were a kid and you did that all the time! Heavier weights, less reps and a slower tempo are used to increase strength and promote muscle growth (which takes up less space than fat!!) We will warm-up with a few minutes of cardio to get our heart rate up and joints moving and end with yoga poses and final relaxation. Every so often we will change things up and go Circuit Style - stations which change every minute! Come play with us! Strength 4 Life - Body, Mind, Spirit and Brain!



*Remove all rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that may catch the fabric and snag it before class.
*Be mindful of sharp fingernail and zippers on clothing and rough calluses on feet (wear yoga socks).
*If there are any wounds that may bleed during practice, dress them with athletic tape to prevent staining the fabric.
*Wear a top with sleeves that covers the armpits and pants that cover backs of knees.
*Attempt to use a lint roller to remove any possible animal hairs from clothing.


Aerial for All  

This class includes education behind the use of the hammock, instruction in basic traditional and aerial yoga poses with the support of the hammock, and a “light dose” of inversions. This class is an excellent class for those who wish to receive the benefits of the aerial hammock but would like to take their time at learning how to be inverted with the use of the silk. The compression of the aerial hammock situated over areas of the body provides many benefits including balancing and stimulating both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, myofascial and trigger point release, and an increased sense of proprioception. Aerial yoga allows for an emotional release

This class may also include (Instructor Preference) a mythical goddess group tarot card reading, aromatherapy, and guided meditation with sound healing. No experience necessary.

Aerial Restorative 

This class is one of the most reviving, rejuvenating, and relaxing aerial yoga classes! The hammocks are lowered close to the ground (about 6-10 inches) and are used at a slow, meditative pace with all poses done on the ground. This class is excellent for those who wish to receive the same physical and emotional health benefits of the aerial hammock but would prefer to stay low. The restorative aerial hammock allows one to extend through the lumbar spine, open and stretch through the hips, expand the thoracic and open the heart. Don't be suprised if you hear a lot of "ahhs" releasing during this class--it's hard not to let it all flow out in this class! No experience necessary.

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