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          Canella Mullins

          200hr Yoga Teacher, Aerial Yoga Teacher

          Canella Mullins is a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher since 2009. Her journey with yoga began in 1997 at which time she struggled with negative body image and an assortment of disordered eating habits. After several years of consistent practice and study, she recognized the impact yoga had in navigating her own emotional pain and loss. In addition to offering the tools to change self-destructive habits, yoga provided a pathway to grieve both the end of her first marriage and the death of her father. After years of self-practice she knew she wanted to share the healing power of yoga with others and to make yoga accessible to ANY body.

          Debra Smith-Andersen

          Owner, 200hr Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Neurokinetic Therapist, BA Psychology

          Debra is a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Neurokinetic Therapist. She began her journey with yoga after the death of her toddler daughter, MargaretAnn, in 1998 as a means of self-care to learn to listen and just be. She entered teacher training in 2012 so she could pass on the gifts of yoga to the grieving students she worked with in the school system.


          She is a self-described "mind-body-breath-brain movement geek" and is fascinated by how all these elements are interconnected. Debra was an avid long-distance runner and cyclist (translates to being quite inflexible) and is testimony that anyone can do yoga. Debra educates and empowers her students to become the "expert" of their own body, mind and Spirit. By  bringing awareness into our body and breath we allow ourselves the gift of slowing down and the quieting of our mind- it is here where the real practice and transformational power of Yoga is realized.


          In addition to traditional Yoga, Debra teaches (SUP) Stand Up Paddle board Yoga  and Strength 4 Life- a Trainer-Led Group strength training class using dumbbells and body weight.

          Laura Montgomery

          Aerial Yoga Teacher, BA Early Childhood Education

          Laura Montgomery is a certified 50 hour Aviana Aerial Yoga Teacher. The butterfly insists to the cocoon, “Let go of me.” The cocoon offers mercy and gentleness to the butterfly, smiles, and responds,“It is not me who needs to let go of you, my dear, it is you who needs to let go of me.”

          This is how Laura felt when she first cocooned herself in the soft and comforting hammock. Laura has been practicing yoga since 2012 and has been defying gravity with the aerial silk for a year and a half and teaches to adults and children. She incorporates sound healing into her classes and regularly hosts moon ceremonies. Prior to beginning her aerial yoga journey, Laura taught for five years as an Early Childhood Educator and holds her Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University.

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